Fall Break

Lunchswiming with watertraining expires, children welcome 7.00-18.30 on monday & wensday.

Tuesday, thursday & friday 7.00-20.30. The reception closes 30 minutes earlier

Important information

  • All bathing takes place under your own responsibility.
  • Adults are responsible for children under 18 years of age throughout the visit.
  • Everyone shall shower and wash carefully (including hair) without swimwear before bathing .
  • Children under the age of 12 must, regardless of swimming skills, always be accompanied by a paying adult who change clothes (to beachwear) or put on bathing costume (do not apply to children in swimming school).
  • Children 0-6 years shall never be farther away than an arm's length.
  • Children in diapers shall, when in the pool, wear specially designed diaper pants to prevent “mishaps”.
  • All non-swimmers over 12 years must be accompanied by a swimming paying adult.
  • When schools visit, the children are under compulsory schooling and the teacher is responsible for the pupils.
  • Staff educated in first aid are always present in the facility.
  • It is not allowed to bring glass or porcelain into the swimming pool area.
  • All visitors pay admission according to the current price list.
  • You are responsible for your belongings.
  • Locked cabinets are opened every night after closing hours.
  • For hygiene reasons, you need to leave your clothes / outerwear in our lockable cabinets in the locker rooms. No outerwear may be brought into the swimming pool area.
  • Our staff have the right to reject visitors who do not comply with our rules or misrepresent themselves. The entrance fee is non-refundable.


Children and youth ⚊ 40 kr

Adults (from 17 years) ⚊ 80 kr

Children 0-3 years are swimming for free

Clipboard 10 visits

Children and youth ⚊ 360 kr

Adults (from 17 years) ⚊ 720 kr


Children 4-16 years

adults from 17 years

Children 520 kr / year

Year cards:

  • Adults, all times 2 400 kr or 200 kr / month
  • Adults, every day before 15:00 - 1400 SEK or 116 SEK / month
  • Family (2 adults + 2 children) 5,000 kr or 416 kr / month

Binding time for monthly payment by card is 12 months. During the summer memberships are also valid at Svedenbadet in Bergshamra.

Halfyear card:

  • Adults, everyday any time: 1900 kr

Monthly card:

  • Adults, every day any time: 499 kr